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We have been active in the field of perfume miniatures since 1986 and, a few years ago, formed an international mail order business for collectors of perfume miniatures.

Our products have been available on the Internet since 1998.

Thanks to our numerous contacts we are able to offer you a constantly changing range of perfume miniatures

The largest product line of exclusive scents in the smallest versions !

We ship to worldwide locations.

Shipment within 24 hours!
The delivery will reach you within 2 - 8 business days.
Your delivery is always insured against loss or damages.

Some References:

  • Certified shop
  • Distributor of the Mignon Parfums
  • Known by collectors all over the world

(International Perfume Bottles Association)

Our company are working only with products for collectors, no commercial sizes.


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Desire The one Dolce & Gabbana


Bois d Argent Christian Dior PRIVATE COLLECTION


Air Eternity Calvin Klein (EdP)

Best friends forever Oilily

Cuba De Champs

Miss Gardenia Borsari

L air du temps Nina Ricci PENDANT

L eau originelle Flower Kenzo

My NY DKNY Donna Karan (EdP)

Paradise Lys Marina de Bourbon (EdP)

Sheila (Sibila) Myrna Pons

Splendida Jasmin noir Bvlgari